Greg Kempe

Embeddable graphs in Wazi

14 May 2014

You can now embed graphs from Wazi into your website, blog or news article! For example, here’s the breakdown of how many people have access to toilet facilities in the Amahlathi Municipality in the Eastern Cape.

Only 23% of the 122,778 people living there have access to a flush or chemical toilet, 65% use a pit toilet and a scary 8.2% (about 10,000 people) have no access to any toilet facilities at all.

Another sobering statistic is the breakdown of the highest education level that people in the municipality have achieved.

While almost 40% have completed at least Grade 9 (the level to which schooling in South Africa is compulsory), only 16% go on to complete Matric. This means that more than half of schoolgoers drop-out between Grade 9 and Matric.

You can embed any of the Wazi graphs in your news articles or blog posts by simply clicking the embed link beneath the graph or chart and pasting the code it shows into your article or post.

This is a great feature from the guys behind Census Reporter on which Wazi is built.